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Student Aide Job Applications due

Questions? Email ewarren@shastacollege.edu

Applicant must have weekday evening availability for Spring Semester 2018.

We are looking for a student who is exceptionally smart, organized, as well as community and team-oriented. He or she should be hard working with high aspirations and goals, and detail oriented to the point of keeping a sock drawer organized alphabetically to color. When another student’s binder spontaneously explodes, a Student Aide is also the type of person that goes the extra mile to help pick up all of the papers.

Job Description:

  • Shelving books, DVDs, videos, magazines, etc.
  • Maintaining shelves (straightening, dusting)
  • Maintaining the Library spaces (cleaning, dusting)
  • Assisting with Library displays, rotating art exhibits, and other creative assignments
  • Participating in Library outreach programs and student engagement
  • Assisting with book processing and mending
  • Securing the library at closing
  • Retrieving and distributing mail; placing current newspapers and magazines at appropriate sites


Weekday evenings (W-TH), 3-7 PM.


  • Enrolling in at least 6 units, Spring 2018 at Shasta College
  • Detail oriented
  • Able to take direction from multiple people
  • Able to work independently
  • Comfortable cleaning


Friday, December 15, 2017
7:46pm - 3:45pm
Main Campus

Event Organizer

Emily Warren

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